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How We Help


We can help with all aspects of your project and we specialize in making normal properties into "Cannabis Conducive Properties". In our experience, a partially built facility can be helped along to be fully built out and increase its value dramatically.


In the same way... bare land or an existing building on land can be marketed for substantially more money if we can verify and certify that the property and location are conducive to building out a Commercial Cannabis Facility.


Our teams of experts are well-known throughout the industry and have come together to help us to help you succeed.  Through our partnerships, you will have access to the Industry's leading consultants in security design, Health Canada compliance, cannabis act interpretations, good production practices, good manufacturing practices, CTLS documents and so much more.

In a nutshell... here is what we do best.


1. We can take normal properties and verify them as "Cannabis Conducive" through extensive remote auditing, local site visits, and even reaching out to the local authorities for their blessing. If we verify a property, you can be absolutely sure the due diligence has been completed and it is indeed a "Cannabis Conducive" property. Full documentation of our findings and recommendations will be available to the Seller and Vetted Potential Buyers.

2. We can take partially built-out facilities and show you how to complete your build-out and get licensed on your first attempt. A fully built-out facility with a license will sell quickly and for top dollar.

3. We can take partially built facilities and show you how to "spruce them up" to get the best price possible at your stage of build-out.  Had enough and ready to sell? Looking for someone else to take The Project to the finish line? We can help no matter what stage of completion you are at. 

Need money to complete? We can help with that too.   

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