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Price : $1,200,000

MLS Number: 154284
Listing Type :Cultivation/ Production Potential

Status: ACTIVE

Lot Size (Acres) : 160 approx

Medical or Recreational: Medical

Sale Type : Cash

Utilities : Water, Electricity, Gas
License: No 
COR:  Yes Confirmation of Readiness received from Health Canada

Cannabis Conducive:  YES






  • Confirmation of Readiness Documentation received. Preliminary Health Canada approval to operate an indoor growing facility

  • Situated on acres of ALR land in Clinton, just off of the highway.

  • Private yet easily accessible

  • Provides a diverse growing opportunity

This property has potential as a future cannabis production facility in Clinton, British Columbia.


While most large-scale investment in the B.C. cannabis industry has been facilitated on a direct or joint venture basis, 420 Commercial Realtor is offering the first "Certified Cannabis Conducive" program to assure buyers the property will suit their needs as a potential cannabis facility site.

Located on acres of Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) land with potential for large scale outdoor cultivation.

The ownership team is referred to as a “late stage applicant,” and the company has received preliminary Health Canada approval to operate a growing facility at this location.

This deal includes plans for future expansion and all the entitlement work done by ownership to get this facility as close as possible to the finish line for local and crown approvals. 

Custom construction and operating plans are available for qualified parties. Assistance with designs, security, compliance, and buildouts is available. As a 420 Commercial Realtor client, you can enlist the help of our expert team of consultants at any step along the way to ensure you have optimized your opportunity fully.

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